Engage - Digital Marketing Conference
Digital Marketing for the Middle East
19th September 2016 | The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall

More leads. Better qualification. Improved sales efficiency. 

Lead management made easy
When is a lead, a lead? What should happen to one when you have it? How can you effectively categorise your leads? When is a lead sales-ready?
Lead management is all about the answers to these questions and more; it's about improving your lead management process to drive higher conversion by helping your sales resource close deals instead of chasing down unqualified prospects.
Our latest Modern Marketing Guide covers the biggest hurdles in implementing a lead management process, helping you drive tangible results immediately.
Downloading this guide will help you identify:
  • The impact a lead management process can have on your business
  • How to align your marketing and sales efforts to categorise your incoming leads
  • The different forms of lead classification
  • How to build an effective lead scoring mechanism to identify sales ready leads
  • The key components of an effective lead nurturing plan
  • How to create compelling stories to engage your market